Somali foreign minister Abdu Salam thanks Malta for saving lives ‘without any fanfare ‘


Somali foreign minister Abdu
Salam thanks Malta for saving
lives ‘without any fanfare’ Wednesday, May 13, 2015
The foreign affairs minister for Somalia,
Abdu Salam, thanked Malta for receiving
“a human wave” and saving the lives of
Somali people and other nationalities who
are fleeing the human suffering.
“Malta, like Italy and the small island of
Lampedusa, is receiving these people
without any fanfare or political shouting.
For this I thank you because these people
are suffering from extremism and
economic problems. We appreciate what
you are doing,” Salam told Prime Minister
Joseph Muscat.
Muscat was participating in the 15th
Doha Forum and Enriching the Middle
East’s Economic Future Conference during
which he touched upon the European
Union’s energy policies and Malta’s
economic vision.
Salam said that Somali was recovering
from a prolonged and disastrous civil war
during which public and private
institutions collapsed. He said his
government was working tirelessly to
rebuild them.
“It’s like we’re flying a plane and trying
to fix it while at the same time we are
running out of fuel and trying to land,” he
said, adding that high energy prices were
crippling Somalia.
Salam said a sense of hopelessness and
poor economic prospect was driving
young people out of the country while the
government was slowly trying to rebuild
its infrastructure and attract investors to
help them make use of the country’s
unused resources. The country was now
in the process of reviewing its investment
Fielding questions from the floor, Muscat
said “the system was broke” and
migration was not the problem of a
country or a continent but it had become
a global problem. “History has shown that
the global community comes together
after a disaster … I do hope that different
souls come together before we witness a
huge humanitarian crisis,” he said.
Before being appointed minister in
January, Salam served as governor of
Somalia’s central bank. In September 2013
he quit the central bank after a UN report
linked him to irregularities regarding
millions of dollars withdrawn from the
central bank. He has denied all


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