somalia-jubaland-breaks-off-ties-with-federal-govt Jubaland administration in southern Somalia has cut off all relations with Mogadishu-based Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in the regional parliament on Saturday, Garowe Online reports. In a statement seen by GO, Jubaland said it was suspending support for the UN-backed central government trying to stave off Al Shabaab threats in its backyard for sliding back the country into yesterday’s chaos and disregarding the agreed upon national principles . “After parliament whose quorum was not present, falsely voted Jubaland regional assembly illegal,” read the statement from presidency.” Today, on 6th of June, [Jubaland hereby] ceases cooperation with the central government”. Moreover, Jubaland noted that Somalia’s Federal Government is in breach of agreement to resolve differences through dialogue in line with the article 50 of Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC). “Having learned of the failure to curb the illegal motion by Somalia President and guardian of the rule of law,” Jubaland said in the statement, adding it wants that inclusive central government be formed when all federal states are completed. The suspension of cooperation with Mogadishu-based Federal Government has come after 132 MPs of the 275-seat-chamber of parliament have endorsed a no-confidence motion against the make-up of Jubaland parliament in a vote marred by delays and by Saturday loud bang. Following IGAD-brokered bilateral talks in Addis Ababa, Jubaland gained recognition from the Federal Government in August 2013.  –




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