Kenya to build wall on border with Somalia 》hhhh Closing the window while the door is open? That’s ‘strategically incredible!’ Timmamy the strategic genius who hasn’t read about the Maginot line or the great wall of China! How far does the border with Somalia stretch? The government will construct a wall between Kenya and Somalia on a portion of the border in Lamu County to enhance security.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy said the wall would help prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into Kenya.

“I have been briefed about the plan and construction works will begin soon. We expect to have finished the project before the end of the year,” Mr Timamy told the public at Faza Social Hall in Lamu East Sub-County on Sunday.


The areas to be secured include Ishakani and Ras Kamboni in Kiunga. “This is where immigrants have been arrested trying to cross into the country or having already entered through the border in Lamu,” Mr Timamy added.

“This is a good idea and we support it because we believe it will go a long way to secure this region and indeed, the country as a whole.”

The government has taken several measures to enhance security after 90 people died in two attacks in June and July last year. The government also slapped a dusk to dawn curfew in the region. SOURCES daily nation  edited Bashir farayare


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