Somalia: Adaado Conference suspended as participants disagree on key issues
Jun 4, 2015 Participants in the Adaddo Conference, which is aimed at setting up a regional government for the Central regions of Somalia, today disagreed on contentious clauses of the constitution leading to the suspension of the meeting.

The agenda of the conference was to present the participant with the clauses of the constitution that will be used when the proposed government is in place.

The technical committee of the conference called off the meeting after section of the participants objected to the presented clauses, saying it did not contain key issue worth discussion.

The technical committee did not announce a date for the next meeting as the participants left the hall without comment on when they will meet and discuss the contentious issues.

It was on Sunday last week that the Prime Minister officially opened the second phase of the conference where he urged the participants to agree on major issues before the end of the holy Month of Ramadan.

Source somali current by Bashir hashi tadhase


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